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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Yoga Therapy in Longmont

Intentional and joyful breath and alignment are the foundation of how I practice and how I teach. 

Yoga Therapy

A whole person approach, integrating the physical, emotional and psycho spiritual aspects of self. Yoga practices and complementary techniques are adapted to help those facing wellness challenges.


Yoga Circles

We are stronger together.
In these monthly Yoga & Women's Circles, we gather to move our bodies, open our hearts, and be reminded of our strength.  

Why Yoga Therapy?

While doing yoga at home or in a class setting provides a myriad of benefits, yoga therapy offers you a personalized guide to witness, assist, and aid in moving through physical or internal blocks. In yoga therapy sessions I look at the whole person. What’s happening in your physical body, what you are experiencing emotionally, and how you best connect to spiritual practice.

As yoga therapist, I am a gentle and non-judgmental witness, creating a safe container for each individual to fully bring their awareness into the present moment, to notice body sensations and stored emotions, to invite in the breath, and to become conscious of the unconscious physical and mental patterns in their lives. 

Yoga Therapy inspires and empowers individuals on a path of lifelong well-being by promoting balance and health using yoga's therapeutic tools and practices. 

Radiant - What's New

Working with Jessa one on one with yoga therapy has been invaluable to sustaining my mental and physical health. Her gentle and open approach helps me to relax and really get the most out of every session. I will continue seeing her weekly for as long as a live close enough to do so!

- Zoe Bulick

Jessa is by far my favorite yoga instructor. She is a very hands-on instructor that takes the time to make adjustments to your postures when needed. I found her adjustments and verbal cues made a huge difference in my yoga practice. I highly recommend Jessa’s classes.

 - Michelle Loveday

 Jessa is a wise, compassionate and joyful teacher. She helped me restore balance and regain strength after many years of inactivity and stress.  She listened deeply and used her experience to design a thoughtful yoga practice that is easy to follow at home.

- Julie Rogers


Jessa Buchalter, RYT 500, PRYT, CRYT, YACEP, Yoga Therapist-in-training, offers Yoga Therapy and Yoga & Women’s Circles inviting awareness into mind, body and spirit and a movement towards wholeness and wellbeing. She specializes in teaching breath and alignment based postural yoga sessions that bring awareness to unconscious physical and mental/emotional patterns with curiosity, acceptance and compassion. Jessa brings 16 years of teaching, and additional training in pre/postnatal, trauma and yoga therapy, to her work with clients.

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