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Warrior Goddess Prenatal Yoga

----Workshop Series----

Sunday Oct 7th  :  Nurturing the Mother  

Saturday Oct 20th  :  Aligning to your Purpose

Sunday Nov 4th  :  Power from Within

Sunday Nov 18th  :  Holding the Balance

Sunday Dec 2nd  :  The Power of Love

Sunday Dec 16th  :  The Sweetness of the Circle

$25 for each workshop. Come to one or all.

1047 Venice St, Longmont CO

This Prenatal Yoga series is designed to nourish and strengthen expectant mothers during their transformative journey, while creating a community of women with whom you can build friendships, share the joys and challenges of pregnancy, and ask any question.


The physical practice is gentle, but not easy, with an emphasis on postural alignment and breath that is appropriate whether you are a longtime yogi or a complete beginner. You will learn to use yoga’s mind/body awareness to connect with your own innate wisdom, your body and your growing baby. Prenatal yoga supports your body in preparation for birth. It assists in strengthening the uterus and pelvic muscles, improves circulation, aids in digestion, exercises the spine and increases overall comfort. In this series, we will go deeper, to support the you, your circle and your journey to birth and beyond.

Week 1: Nurturing the Mother

Without conscious thought your pregnant body nurtures the growing life within you. This week we will focus on how you can consciously support and nurture yourself by listening to the innate wisdom of your body and learning you can use your breath to deepen your practice, support your core and move through challenge.

Week 2: Aligning to your Purpose

Pregnancy is time of great change and transformation in your body and your life. This week we’ll focus on aligning thought and intention to your deeper purpose and learn how to support your changing physical body with strong postural alignment.


Week 3: Power from Within

Core strengthening happens differently during pregnancy (and postpartum). This week we’ll focus on connecting to your deepest core, the muscles of your pelvic floor and diaphragm, to find both the strength and the suppleness you’ll need during birth. We’ll talk about diastasis recti, what it is and how it influences your movement choices.


Week 4: Holding the Balance

As women and especially as mothers we are continually balancing needs and expectations: to be strong, yet supple; to be firm, yet kind; to do it all, yet take care of ourselves. In this class we’ll focus on holding the balance between complementary, yet contradictory forces and how this practice can help you in birth and beyond.

Week 5: The Power of Love

Birthing my babies was the most challenging thing I have ever accomplished. Our minds have the ability to support or hinder us, but love is our superpower. When we shift from monkey mind chatter, to the intention of the heart we tap into a powerful force for moving through challenge. This week we will practice connecting to the power of love to do hard things.


Week 6: The Sweetness of the Circle

We are not meant to mother alone. Much of the strength of women comes from her friendship circles. We’ll discuss different ways of resourcing with our friends, family and greater community.In this final class of the series we will celebrate the connections we’ve made within this circle of women and that celebration will be reflected in our movement practice.

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